Wednesday, 8 March 2017

How to block messages from someone on Facebook via Facebook Phone Number?

Someone has well said, “Life is like a coin, pleasure and pain are the two sides; only one side is visible at the time, but remember other side is also waiting for its turn” as same as Facebook connects you with your friends, your family-members, and with older friends but at the same time it also opens a door of various problems which may irritate you very badly. Suppose, there is a person in your friend list who sends you some unwanted messages, and you don’t want to receive his/her messages. And, you don’t want to block that person from Facebook, so what will be the solution? Don’t worry! You can block their messages without blocking them from your account. Our FacebookHelp is dedicated to solve all your Facebook issues in a reliable manner. You can also follow the below-mentioned steps to block the messages from that person:

  •      Sign into your Facebook account and go to the Gear icon at the top-most right corner of your page.
  •      Click on the ‘settings’ option and you will pop up to the General account settings page.
  •     In the left side of this page there will be various options, but you have to click on ‘Blocking’ option.
  •      You will be redirected to the ‘Manage blocking’ page. Click on the option ‘Block messages’ and type the name of that person whom you want to stop from sending messages to you.

Above steps will definitely help you out to block someone’s messages on Facebook. For more details about this topic, just dial our Facebook Toll-Free Help Number anytime and from anywhere in the world. 

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